30 January 2010


President Obama
  It was a sight to behold and as I sat mesmerized by this young and highly thoughtful leader of the free world; my perspectives on other well known fearless folks were revisited. Yes I went all the way back to the stories I heard over and over again in Sunday School and church about Daniel.  The faith and the courage he must have had to draw on to even endure such an event.
Ida B. Wells, Frederick Douglas, John Brown, Nat Turner, Eleanor Roosevelt, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Fannie Lou Hammer and the list goes on and on.  You may also have your list of heroes and "sheroes"...so I won't be self-indulgent by going on about mine.  The point is well taken..I'm sure.  Yet, how does one face their accusers with such grace, determination, facts, wit and yes that worn out word conviction. I must admit of late...YES WE CAN had become well why didn't we? And YES WE DID became NO we didn't!!!

It was clear by the facial expressions of the GOP leaders that they were amazed and still weren't quite sure of  what just happened here.  Begrudging respect and admiration were on a few faces as the President waved good-bye after giving them "a come to Jesus talk" and setting rather than throwing down the gauntlet.  It was either be a part of the solution or remain the problem, however, I've got a job to do and a mandate from the people which I plan to execute.  After all the grief he's had to endure with this group, he even took their manifesto of "perceived solutions" to read and assess.  Given this President's ability to listen and consider opposing points of view; they are receiving more consideration than they've been willing to give in the past. One thinks of toddlers who can't get their way so they hold their breath and turn red or ashen with anger and frustration refusing to budge although the options they're given just may provide some relief.

I believe that I will ride this one out with the President and see what the end will bring.  He's reminded  me of something that as I grow older find harder to tolerate.  That is to suffer "fools" with logic, facts, wit, determination and most of all solution strategies. Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell also addresses this in her post on the The Nation .

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Anonymous said...

Here and here, so true. Want to believe the best, give him some real time, and help him realize who needs him first and foremost. Thoughtful, considerate post...Aisha

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