16 September 2009

Former President Speaks Truth to Denial

This highly respected individual {who knows from personal and geographical experiences} finally has addressed what many of us have been thinking about lately; those derogatory and personal attacks on President Obama. The latter, by the way, had nothing to do with the issues of the day. It took courage and a sense of what is morally outrageous for not only the image of America, but what this country proclaims to believe- in which is a just and fair society. Those who are still in denial should take note of what is occurring in the country and how ugly it must look to most of the world who celebrated the election of Barack Obama. They, like many of us had hoped that America was finally liberating itself from a shameful past.

Which inspires this inquiry.....where are all the others? Are we just going to let the former President and a few others stand alone in this debate? It's unfortunate that the White House and President Obama are also in denial or reluctant to use the "race card" which can be a barrier to addressing this issue in a honest and frank manner.
Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Maureen Dowd have been quite vocal with facts and images to support their claim that the right and these fringe groups are promoting a racist agenda against the President. Some of those techniques that were used to elect him may again be instrumental in showcasing all of whom supported this Presidency and current efforts.

Come on people! We need to balance this and show the world and many in this country that there is still a mandate from the people to support President Obama and his efforts to reform healthcare and the unfair practices of the economic system.

America doesn't need this!

This is worth remembering!


Kamilah said...

Indeed. Our voices must continue to resound, and not simply end with the historic vote. These pictures juxtaposed in this way really bring home your analysis. Thank you!

Moira C. Green said...

Fear, which is caused by threats both real and imagined, can be immobilizing just as the denial or to be reluctant to use the "race card for everyone involved. The antidote to fear is confidence, and confidence results from preparation and practice in which President Obama has demonstrated through his life and in his career. His repeated strategies gave us the opportunity to celebrate and be apart of his presidency that has instilled confidence and hope into a new generation.
These racist agendas are for the people who still want to focus on their arrogance and our culture shameful past. It is amazing to me to have an African American President and his administration does not want to address and used the “race card” I agree with your analysis, “we need to balance and support President Obama in order for him and his administration to move forward in their efforts to reform healthcare and our economic system.” However, being silent about race contributes to people fears and arrogances. As a result, people continue to have the same “race card” mindset.

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